What is Conjunction | FANBOYS Example

What is Conjunction | FANBOYS Example

In this article, we will learn all about Conjunction with the help of the FANBOYS methods and sentence examples.

What is a Conjunction?

A conjunction is a word that joins words or sentences

What do I mean by Join? Join here means they connect two or more words or sentences.
How they connect words? Let me give you examples of that.

  • Hari and Ram are brothers. Here, AND is a connector between two words Hari and Ram. And is thus joining these two words.
  • Two and Two make four. Here, ‘AND’ is connecting the words ‘Two’ and ‘Two’. And is thus joining these two words. And this is conjunction.

Now, let’s see how Conjunction joins sentences.

First, we will see sentence examples without using conjunctions and then with conjunction to understand them better.

  • Ajay is a good batsman. Virat is a good batsman. Here, there are two separate sentences. Both giving information about two batsmen and their quality.
    We can join them with ‘AND’. and make one sentence.
    Ajay and Virat are good batsmen. Do you see how it converted two sentences into one without affecting the meaning?
  • The man is poor. The man is honest. Here, both sentences are describing the man’s quality. We can join them with the conjunction ‘but’ and the sentence will look like this. The man is poor but honest. Here, but made the sentence easy to write and read. without changing the meaning.

So, the main use of the conjunction is to join either words, sentences, or clauses. There are many Conjunctions but there are seven conjunctions that
you must remember.

We will go through the sentence example of each. And then I will give you a trick by which you will never forget them.
So, let’s see the sentences.

  • I drank some water for I was thirsty. Here, for is the conjunction that is used to convey the reason for my drinking water.
  • He was tired and Hungry. Here, ‘AND’ is used to convey the two feelings of tiredness and being hungry.
  • I can’t whistle nor can I sing. Here, ‘NOR’ is used to convey that I do not know how to whistle or how to sing.
  • Jay studied hard but he couldn’t clear the exam. Here, ‘but’ is telling that even if Jay studied hard, he wasn’t successful in clearing exams.
  • Do you want Tea or Coffee?. Here, ‘OR’ is used to offer two choices, Either you have the choice of drinking ‘Tea’ or you have the choice to drink Coffee.
  • I ran fast yet I came last. Here, ‘yet’ is used to convey that even if I ran fast, I couldn’t come to a good position and settled at last only.
  • I was hungry so I ate the food. Here ‘SO’ is used to convey that, AS I was hungry, I had to eat food.

Now, to remember this conjunction, what we will do is, we will get the first alphabet of the conjunction with the Conjunction used in sentences.

F is used for For,
A is used for And,
N is used for Nor,
B is used for But,
O is used for ‘OR’
Y is used for ‘YET’ and
S is used for ‘SO’

Now. if we read the first character of all these conjunctions. It becomes FANBOYS. So, you just have to remember the word ‘FANBOYS’ and you will
remember all seven very important conjunctions.

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