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What is a Verb?

Verbs tells us 2 things about the subject.

1.An action or activity performed by the subject 2.State of Being of the subject. Or in other words state or situation of the subject. The verb is the main part of the sentence. Verbs are mainly divided into two parts. 1. Main Verbs

All about Verbs

2. Auxiliary Verbs or Helping Verbs 1., What are Main Verbs. Main Verbs are the words that actually show the action or activity of the subject They can stand alone without the help of any other verbs. Examples of them are: Read, sleep, eat, run. All these words can exist independently and provided complete meaning to the sentence. 2. Auxilary Verbs or Helping Verbs They give more meaning to the main verb. They can not stand alone. Which means they require the main verb for their existence. Examples of them are main helping verbs: is, has, do, did.

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