Concrete and Abstract Noun | Parts of Speech

Concrete and Abstract Noun | Parts of Speech

In this article, you will learn about the 3rd category of Noun that is Concrete Nouns and Abstract Noun

Concrete Nouns are

The noun that can be identified from one of our five senses. Now, what are our five senses,

We touch through our Hands, We taste through the tongue, We hear through our ears, We see through our eyes, We smell through our nose

Concrete nouns can be:

  • Proper nouns
  • Common nouns
  • Collective nouns
  • Countable and uncountable nouns

Abstract Nouns defines 3 things

Idea, Quality, and State of mind

Let me give you examples of each of them

  • Idea => When you are sleeping and any Dream comes to your mind, what’s that, it’s an abstract term. You can not see, smell, hear, taste, or touch your Dream.
  • Quality => You might be having the quality of being very Kind. It denotes that you are a good person. But you cannot use your five senses for understanding that.
  • State => It defines your state of mind, here is the image the girls seem very “Happy”. See, here also you can not use your five senses to get the State of Girl. They are feelings that any person has.

Now, you would have understood the difference between Concrete and Abstract Noun.

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