Dialogue Writing | How to write Dialogue Writing | Method

Dialogue Writing | How to write Dialogue Writing | Method

In this article, we will learn how to write Dialogue-writing.
First, we will understand what is Dialogue-writing?
Then, we will look into the steps to write dialogue-writing.

What is a dialogue?
A dialogue is a verbal conversation between two or more people.
It simply means “talk between two or more people”

Why dialogue writing is important to learn?
There are two main reasons for it.

  1. It makes us understand the colloquial way of talking English, it means how English is used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not a bookish way.
  2. It trains us to express our thoughts in easy and natural constructions.

Important characteristics of a Dialogue

  1. Spontaneous
    It should not be premeditated meaning it should not look like it is thought out or planned beforehand.
  2. Natural or realistic
    Now, how will we make it natural?
    We need to make sure, two things are there in the dialogue.
  3. It should be in direct speech
  4. Exclamations and questions need to be added. So, that it looks natural.
  5. Interesting
    We need to try to make it as interesting as possible.
    Special attention should be taken care of in the opening sentences and the conclusion.
    It should not be dull or boring.
  6. Impartial
    Remember it’s a dialogue and not a monologue where one person speaks and others listen.
    So, we need to give all equal chances and keep the ball rolling.
  7. Concise
    The whole conversation should be brief, and the questions and replies as concise and pointed as possible.
Dialogue Writing

Steps to be followed to write good dialogue

  1. Imagine:
    Firstly, you need to imagine the characters and their point of view.
    To do this, you must have in your mind a clear idea of the imaginary persons taking part in the conversation, to make them speak in character.
  2. Outline
    Secondly, after imagining the characters and their thought process, the next step is to jot down briefly the arguments or opinions of each of them.
    Remember to add at least 5 dialogues of each of the speakers.
  3. Arrange
    Finally, after outlining, arrange these ideas in some logical order, so that the conversation is in proper flow.

In conclusion, after arranging, write the dialogue neatly and properly after editing.
Remember that, the five important characteristics of a Dialogue should be present.

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