What is an Interjection?

What is an Interjection?

In this article, we will learn all about Interjection with examples.

What is an Interjection?

An interjection is a word that shows the spontaneous feeling or emotion of a person

Let’s suppose there’s a boy, who has never seen ‘Eifel Tower’ and he goes and sees it. What would be his reaction?

  • Wow’! what a beautiful place.
    And if the same person goes to an Island, and sees that it is very dirty. Then what will be his reaction?
  • Eew! what a dirty place.
    So, Wow! and ‘eew’ are expressing the spontaneous feeling of a person, and thus are Interjections.

Let’s see some sentence examples of them.

  1. Hurray! I won the race.
  2. Argh! that car doesn’t work.
  3. AAW! That puppy is so cute.
  4. OOPS! I left the keys in the parking.
  5. YIPEE! I bought a new house.
Important points related to Interjection
  • An interjection is not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence. For example: Yuck! That tastes awful. Here, ‘Yuck’ is the expression while eating bad food. But ‘Yuck! is not connected to any other part of the sentence. So, even if I remove the word, the sentence “That tase awful” is grammatically correct. So, ‘YUCK!’ here is just the feeling of the person that makes the sentence more expressive.
  • Another important point related to interjection is that they generally end with ‘!’ or ‘,’.

Some more interjection examples are :
Cheers, used while parting
DUH! used while knowing that you were so dumb about the thing or event.
EEK! used to express surprise or fear.

So, interjections are all about the spontaneous feeling or emotion of a person.

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