Advertisement Writing | How to write an Advertisement

Advertisement Writing | How to write an Advertisement

In this article, we will learn how to write an Advertisement.
First, we will learn what is Advertisement Writing? Then, we will look into the Format of Advertisement Writing, and finally, we will understand it with an example.

An advertisement (often called an ad) is the promotion of a product or service

Have you seen a post of Job Openings in newspapers or video of your favorite chocolates on television,
or post or videos of online courses on digital platforms like Facebook, youtube?
These all are forms of advertisements.

There are mainly two types of advertisement:

  1. Classified Ads
  2. Commercial or Display Ads

Classified ads are used by the general public to promote or use services.
The main aim here is to get things noticed with as minimum words as possible which is generally less than 50 words.
It is simple in look.

On the other hand commercial or display, advertisement is done by leading organizations
to promote their product or services.
It takes more words and is more expensive in terms of advertising cost.
it is visually more attractive with varying font, shape, and size.

There are seven types of Classified Ads mainly asked in exams :

  1. Situation Vacant
  2. Situation Wanted
  3. Lost and found
  4. For Sale
  5. To Let
  6. Accommodation wanted
  7. Matrimonials

So, these are some of the types of Classified Ads.

The format of the Classified Ad is simple.

There are three things involved in it.

  1. heading
  2. Content
  3. Contact Person
    A rectangular box. must be drawn around this Classified Ad.

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