What are Adverbs | Types of Adverb

What are Adverbs | Types of Adverb

In this article we will learn all about Adverb and types of adverb with example.

What is an Adverb?

An adverb is a word that modifies a Verb, Adjective, or Adverb in any sentence.

What does Modify mean here?
It means it adds or changes the meaning of Verb, Adjective, or Adverb in any sentence.

Now, let’s look into each of the three modifications with some examples to make things clear.
How does the adverb modify Verb or we can say an Action performed by Subject?

Types of Adverb

There are four ways in which adverbs modify or we can say describes the Action.

  • Firstly, how an action is performed.
  • Secondly, where is the action performed?
  • Third, when the action is performed and
  • Fourth, how often or frequent the action that we are talking is performed

Now, let’s see an example of each.
Firstly, we will see the adverb that describes

1. How an action is performed?

The alarm rang loudly. Here we can identify that the alarm rang. But, how it rang.
It rang loudly. So, loudly is describing to us how the alarm rang. And hence it is Adverb.
Let’s look into another example.
Harry ran quickly. Here, we can know that Harry ran. But, quickly is describing how Harry ran.
So, quickly is an adverb here.
These adverbs describe how the action is performed. They are called adverbs of manner.

2. Where an action occurred?

Put the cake there. Here, we are telling you to put the cake, but in which place. By using there, we are telling the place to put the cake. So, it is the adverb
I looked everywhere for my book. I looked at my book but where I looked i.e. everywhere in the room.
Here, everywhere is the adverb as I am telling the location where is looked the book.
These adverbs describe where the action happened. These are called Adverbs of Place.

3. When exactly the action happened?

Kriti went to the gym today. Here, we can know that Kriti went to the gym. But when she went, today. So, today is an adverb here.
They go out to dinner weekly. Now, we can say, that they go out to dinner without using weekly also. But weekly says us when do they go to dinner.
As, these adverbs describe when the action exactly happened, These are called Adverbs of Time.

4. How often or how frequent the action is happening?

Sometimes, he plays cricket. Here, we are understanding that he plays cricket. But, what is the frequency or how often he plays?
He plays sometimes. So, sometimes it is an adverb here.

Ritesh never smokes. Here, ‘never’ describes to us that he never does smoking and thus telling us the frequency of his smoking.
So, ‘never’ is an adverb here.
This adverb describes the frequency of action. These are called Adverbs of Frequency.
Now, we have seen the examples of adverbs that are describing Verb or any action.

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