How to write an Article | Article Writing

How to write an Article | Article Writing

How to write an Article?

Article writing is the most commonly asked question in exams.

Here, you will learn all about article writing. What is an Article? How to write an Article? Examples and Exercise related to it.

What is an Article?
An article is a piece of writing written for a large audience.
It is mainly intended to be published in a newspaper, magazine or journal, or blog.
It may be the topics of interest of the writer or it may be related to some current issues.

How to write an article?

Format of Article writing,

Article writing is divided into three sections,

  1. Heading – First, give the article a title that catches the attention of the reader.
  2. Byline – A-line having the writer’s name
    and 3. Content

The content section is sub-divided into three parts :

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

In the Introduction, write in two-three lines what is the theme.

In the body, You can use three techniques to shape your body as per the theme of the article.

  1. Advantage vs Disadvantage
    e.g., Online Shopping, here you can write the advantage and disadvantages of online shopping.
  2. Cause and Effect
    e.g., Pollution, here you can write the causes of pollution and what are the effects of it.
  3. Problem and Solution
    e.g., Farm Bill 2020, here you can write the problems the farmer were facing and how these bills will help to solve the problem.

In the conclusion, conclude the paragraph giving the overall view or summary of the theme.

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