Notice Writing | How to Write a Notice

Notice Writing | How to Write a Notice

What is a Notice?
It is a written or a printed piece of information targeted at a specific group of people.
It usually covers :
1.) an event
2.) an inauguration
3.) a function
4.) general instruction
They are put up on display boards in schools or public places.

Notice Writing

Some key points to keep in mind while writing any notice.
1.) The ideal length of notice is fifty words. So, only relevant points need to be addressed.
2.) Present the notice in the proper format.
3.) Try to write a notice in indirect speech or passive voice only.
Now, if you are new to direct speech and indirect speech or active and passive voice
4.) Don’t use personal pronouns like I and We.

Format of Notice Writing
A rectangular box needs to be created where we will write the notice.
In that box, in the top middle portion, the Name of the Organization which is issuing the notice must be written.
Next, right below it, NOTICE word needs to be written.
And, on the left-hand side write the Date on which the notice is issued.
Next, below it in the middle, write the title of the notice.
Then, below it, the body of notice comes.
And after the body is completed,
Signature, Name, and designation of the underlying authority.

Body of a Notice
There should be six W’s while writing any notice and you won’t have any problem while writing it.

  • What
  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • What to do
  • Whom

For better understanding please see the video.

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