Chapter 2: Subject and Predicate

In this chapter, we will learn what is a subject and predicate, examples and
finally, I will give you an exercise to practice.

What is Subject and Predicate?

Every sentence is made of two parts:
(1) A person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with; and
(2) Say something about that person or thing which is called Predicate.

The part of the sentence which tells what of who or what the sentence is about is called Subject. and
The part of the sentence which tells what is being said about the subject is called Predicate.

Let me give you some examples to understand this concept clearly.

Ram is running fast.
This sentence is made of two parts,

Here, Ram is the person whom we are talking about So, ‘Ram’ is a subject, and what is he doing, he is running fast.
is running fast is the predicate.

Let me give you another example :
He has no money in his pocket.

Here, ask who has huge money, She. So, She is the subject.
and what she has, has huge money. So, it is the predicate.

Let’s look into another example :
The cackling of geese saved Rome.
Here, The entire phrase, ‘The cackling of geese’ is describing who is the main character of the sentence,
So it is a subject and ‘saved Rome’ is the object.

Notice, from the examples that, a subject can be a Noun, like Ram, pronoun like ‘He’, or a noun phrase like ‘The cackling of geese’.
a predicate must contain a verb, it may or may not have other words.

The subject usually comes first as you can see in this examples,
but occasionally it is put after the predicate.

Here comes the bus.
Here, ‘the bus’ is the subject, and ‘Here comes’ is the predicate.

  1. In imperative sentences, ‘You’ is by default subject.
    For example, Sit down.
    In this sentence, if some ask you, what is the subject and predicate in this sentence.
    Then you must remember that for imperative sentence,
    The subject is by default, ‘You’ and ‘Sit down’ is the predicate.

After looking at these examples, I hope now you will be able to identify a subject and predicate in the sentence.

Let’s look into exercise.
In the given sentences, identify the Subject and the Predicate:

Exercise :

  1. He has a good memory.
  2. The singing of the birds delights us.
  3. Sweet are the uses of adversity.

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