What are Adjectives | Degrees of Comparison

What are Adjectives | Degrees of Comparison

In this article, we are going to learn what are Adjectives with the help of examples.

What are Adjectives?

Adjectives are words that describe Noun

Now for understanding adjectives, we need to revise what are Nouns? So, what exactly is a Noun?
The noun is a word that contains :
Person, Place, Thing, or an Idea.

Now what are adjectives, they describe nouns.

For example:

In the case of Sachin. What are the things or qualities that you think about Sachin?
If I say, Sachin is a Good Person, or Sachin is the best cricketer, or Sachin is a clever batsman.
Then, good, best, and clever are the things that describe Sachin as a Person.

In the case of TajMahal, what are the things that you think about it?
If I say, TajMahal is a beautiful place, or TajMahal is a very old place, or the Taj Mahal is built of white marble.
Then, beautiful, old, and white are things that describe the Taj Mahal as a Place.

In the case of Ball, what are the quality or things you think about this ball?
If I say, This is a colorful ball, or This ball has six colors or This is a big ball
Then, colorful, six, and big are the things that describe a ball as a Thing.

In the case of Idea. What type of ideas or dreams you get.
If I say, I got a great idea or I had a scary dream or I have a funny idea.
Then, great, scary, funny are the things that describe an Idea or Dream.

Adjectives have three degrees of comparison

  1. Positive,
  2. Comparative and
  3. Superlative

It is used when we need to compare things
The positive degree of an adjective is used to describe, not compare.
The comparative degree is used to compare two things and
The superlative degree is used to compare more than two things.

Let me give you an example to make this degree clear.

Ram is a tallboy. Here tall is the adjective, and we are just describing ram, we are not comparing it with anyone. So, it’s a positive degree.

Now lets another example,
Shyam is taller than Ram. Here, taller is an adjective and we are comparing two person’s height. i.e, Shyam’s height with the ram. So, it’s a comparative degree.

Divyesh is the tallest among all. Here, the tallest is an adjective and we are comparing three person’s height. So, it’s a superlative degree.
Now let’s go back to the chart, So, tall is a positive degree, taller is the comparative degree and tallest is the superlative degree.

Now let’s look into the chart for more such examples
Remember, Positive is not for comparing anything
Comparative is used to compare two things and
Superlative is used to compare more than two things

Bold, Bolder, Boldest
Great, Greatest, Greatest
Warm, warmer, warmest
Good, better, best,
Bad, worse, worst
Little, less, least

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