Chapter 4: Parts of Speech

What are Parts of Speech?
Every sentence is made of a group of words.
These words are of eight types based on usage in the sentence.

  1. Noun.
  2. Pronoun.
  3. Verb.
  4. Adjective.
  5. Adverb.
  6. Preposition.
  7. Conjunction.
  8. Interjection.

One very important point to note is that :
As words are divided into a different type according to their usage or the work they do in sentences,
it is clear that we cannot say to which part of speech a word belongs unless we see it used in a sentence.

For example,
let’s take the word ‘after’, what kind of part of speech is it?
Is it, adverb, preposition, or conjunction, we can not tell it, until we see its usage in the sentence.

Let’s look into the use of the word ‘after’ in a sentence.
They arrived soon after. (Adverb). It is describing the adverb ‘soon’. So, ‘after’ is behaving as an adverb.
They arrived after us. (Preposition) It is linking the words ‘they’ and ‘us’ and denoting time. So, ‘after’ is behaving as an Prepositionss.
They arrived after we had left. (Conjunction). It is joining two sentences, ‘They arrived’ and ‘we had left’.
So, ‘after’ is behaving as a Conjunction.

Exercise :

  1. The up train is late.
    Here, the word ‘up’ is describing the noun ‘train’ so it is an adjective.
  2. It weighs about a pound.
    Here, the word ‘about’ is describing the verb ‘weighs’ so it is an adverb.
  3. He told us all about the battle.
    Here, the word ‘about’ is linking ‘all’ with ‘the battle’. so it is a preposition.
  4. Muslims fast in the month of Ramzan.
    Here, the word ‘fast’ expresses action so it’s a verb.
  5. He kept the fast for a week.
    Here, the word ‘fast’ is a name so it’s a noun.

Please watch the entire video to understand the concept clearly.

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