Story Writing | How to write a Story | Method

Story Writing | How to write a Story | Method

In this article, we will learn how to write a Story. First, we will understand what is a Story? Then, we will look into the steps to write a Story, and finally, we will understand it with an example.

What is a Story?

A story is a description of a connected series of events, it may be either true or imagined.
So, a story is nothing but a description of events that actually happened or that are invented.

Why story writing is important to learn?

There are two main reasons for it.

1.Imagination: It trains us to imagine and easily express our thoughts.

2. Focus: Stories stick to our minds easily. So, we become more focused while any story is being said.


Steps to write a good story

  1. Identify the Main Character
    First, identify the main character or hero of your script. Your story will be revolving around this main character.
  2. Problem
    The second step is to create a problem, that your hero will face in the subsequent event.
  3. Solution
    Next, give a solution to solve the problem.
  4. Twist
    The solution doesn’t work as there is a twist in the story.

Now, here you can add multiple solutions and twist based on your imagination and the word limit given in the story.

Generally, the word limit is 200-250 words. So, stick to the word limit while adding multiple solutions and twist.

Now, let’s move to the final step of your story which is,

  1. Final Solution which works
    Finally, provide a hard solution and try to make a happy ending to your story.

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