Note Making | How to write a Note

Note Making | How to write a Note

In this article, we will learn how to write a Note. Firstly, we will understand what is Note Making, then we will look into various types of note-making, next we will learn how to write a note, the format of note-making, and finally, we will understand it with the help of an example. So, let get started.

What is Note Making?

Note-making is the practice of recording information from another source.
The source could be an article, a lecture, a meeting, or a discussion.
And the way of recording it could be Linear Note making or Non-Linear Note making such as Mind mapping, flow chart, tree diagram.
The main purpose of note making is to filter the important information and retain it from the available information.

Three elements in sequential order must be there when note-making comes in any exam :

  1. Notes
  2. Abbreviations and Symbols
  3. Summary
Note Making

Now, this article will be divided into various sub-section, our we can say the subordinate division of the main topic,
These are called Sub-Headings. These sub-headings would how the details which are called sub-points and sub-sub points.

1 Sub Heading
1.1 Sub-Point
1.1.1 Sub-sub Point
1.2. Sub-sub Point
2 Sub Heading
2.1 Sub-Point
2.1.1 Sub-sub Point
3 Sub Heading

After the note is finished, we need to mention the list of abbreviations and symbols we used while writing the note.

The third and the last comes the summary of the note.
It is the gist of the article and can easily be prepared if the notes are proper.

Example :


Which are the three essential elements in note-making?

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